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There are two (2!) long weekends in a row at the end of September 2014. On the second of those - Saturday, 4th October - we are holding CAPO 31! Time to stick it in your diary.



Glyph - Lower Molonglo 2010, G.W. Bot, Graphite and watercolour on Colombe paper, 188 x 102 cm, CAPO 30 Auction


CAPO has held its 2014 Annual General Meeting and is now planning this year's event.

One thing we do know already is that we will be holding CAPO 31 at Canberra Museum and Gallery on Saturday 4th October - so mark that in your diary now!

We will announce the opening of the 2014 Award Round here as soon as the detail and the dates for the Round are confirmed.

As always, following @CAPOnews on Twitter is the fastest way to find out what's happening.